Common Mistakes When Choosing Window Treatments

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The time has come to invest in new window treatments for your home. But what type of Scottsdale window coverings should you choose for your home? There are so many different types of window treatments and each one has different benefits. There are a lot of factors to consider and it is easy to get overwhelmed by the decisions and you don’t want to make a mistake. Gallery of Shades offers this guide highlighting a few of the common mistakes made when choosing window coverings and how you can avoid them.

Outside looking in

The way your window coverings look on the inside of your home and how they complement your space is of course top priority, but people often forget that window coverings are also visible from outside your home. If you are thinking of putting your home on the market, window treatments boost your home’s curb appeal, it is important to make sure they look good from the street since first impressions really do matter. If you are not sure what type of window coverings are best, a design consultation is a great way to find the best window covering for your home.

Bare Windows

While you do not want to rush into deciding on what window coverings to purchase for your home, you also do not want to wait and leave your windows completely uncovered for too long. Often when moving or redecorating, window treatments are on the list, but are not at the top and can be put off for a long time and even forgotten. But bare windows are probably not the statement you want to make. Add window coverings to your priority list. Start by doing some research and narrowing down the style or styles you are looking for. You can request samples or have an in-home design consultation to make sure window coverings stay on top of your priority list.


When it comes to choosing window treatments, another common mistake is practicality. You should not only think about style because it is important but so it is your lifestyle. Your window coverings need to be functional for your lifestyle.  You also should take children and pets into consideration. You may want to avoid window coverings that have cords or things that be choking hazards.  


Decorative windows and vaulted ceilings are great but don’t forget about them. These types of windows can often be high and difficult to reach so you might remove them from your window coverings list, but you may want motorized shades for them. This way you can get the light that want when you want it and at the push of a button can close them for privacy. Motorized shades can also be set to work on a time. Think about the way you use your windows and try to find a treatment solution for ease of use.

Choosing new window treatments for your home may seem like a daunting task but it does not have to be. Don’t procrastinate or make hasty decisions. Do some research and contact the design professionals at Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale to help you find the best window covering options for your home. 


Custom Window Coverings for Specialty Windows

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Windows are not all created equally. There are many different shapes and sizes of windows. Specialty windows are often used to enhance your view, add light to your home or to create unique features to your home for curb appeal and character.

Finding the right window treatments for these unique windows can be a challenge. Finding a custom window treatment company that offers an assortment of window coverings for uncommonly shaped windows is important. Gallery of Shades has what you and your windows are looking for.

Gallery of Shades offers specialty-shaped window coverings for light control, privacy, and insulation while adding to the personal style and decor of your home.

Learn more about these types of specialty windows and custom window covering solutions:

Bay windows are statement windows and offer benefits like seating and allowing more natural light to enter the room. Finding the right bay window treatments ideas though may be difficult at first, but Gallery of Shades offers in-home design consultation to help you figure out what is right for your space. 

Arches and circular windows add a modern and chic vibe to your home. If you want to add a window covering to these windows, there are many great options including shutters, roller shades, and cellular shades.

Corner windows can add tons of natural light but finding corner window treatments may seem like a daunting task. Sheer window treatments offer the perfect level of light diffusion and privacy that are perfect for corner windows.

Sliding doors and French doors add a lot of light and versatility to a room while offering easy access to the indoor/outdoor lifestyle of Scottsdale. Gallery of Shades offers many coverings for doors that can easily be designed for your unique home.

Types of Window Coverings

Solar Shades: In Arizona where the sun almost always shines, solar shades are a great energy-efficient option. Solar shades are modern shades that will help to keep your home cool from the hot Arizona sun while blocking out the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Cellular shades: often called honeycomb shades are a great option for specialty-shaped windows. Cellular shades offer a simple, elegant, consistent look, while also offering energy efficiency. 

Shutters: Wooden plantation shutters and even faux wood blinds are a very popular option for custom window treatments. You may not think of them as an option for shaped windows such as ovals, hexagons, half-moon windows, and more but they are. Shutters are classic and very versatile. They are one of the most common options for uniquely shaped windows.

Roller shades: offer endless customization options. They are budget-friendly, versatile and can even be motorized. They can give your space an undeniably classy look.

If you are looking for custom window treatments for specialty windows, contact Gallery of Shades. With a great selection of the best window covering options on the market today, we can help you find the perfect window treatment for all of the specialty windows in your home.


On Trend Grass Window Shades Add Style and Texture

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One of the hottest trends in window treatments is grass window shades. Grass blinds and shades are made from natural materials, which can make a formal living arrangement look easygoing, cozy, and welcoming while adding dimension to a home. If you’re thinking about adding new custom window coverings to your home, you might want to consider grass window shades.

Grass shades are light filtering and are not designed to completely block out outdoor light. They are designed to allow small amounts of light to come through, even when the shades are drawn. Grass shades provide the privacy and filter you need, making grass window shades a great choice for people that want privacy and natural light.

When it comes to decorative elements in a home, most people are focused on style and color but texture is an important design element. Grass window shades add texture to your space by using natural wood, reeds, and bamboo. Grass shades provide a unique and natural texture that complements most spaces and pulls together the other design features in your space.

Grass blinds and shades can go in pretty much any home and come in a wide variety of colors. With so many amazing textures and color choices, these shades can match any décor and are a wonderful addition to any home.

If you want to add dimension, color and texture to your home take a look at grass window shades! Contact Gallery of Shades today for a free in-home design consultation today.


Beating the Summer Heat with Custom Window Coverings

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In Arizona, summer temperatures come early and stay for many months. Air conditioning is a necessity but running it nonstop for months on end can give you a sky-high utility bill. 

Thankfully, not only do blinds, curtains, and other window treatments look good, they can also help keep your house cooler and help to keep your bills in check. According to about 76% of the sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows enters to become heat. With the intense heat of the Arizona, sun can add up to a lot of extra heat in your home, quickly!

The right kind of window coverings can add character to your home and help save on your energy bills. 

Below are some affordable energy-efficient window treatments that will help your home stay a bit cooler in the summer heat.

Custom window shades are one of the most effective ways to save energy, but they need to be drawn to work efficiently. Roman shades offer several layers of material that can act as both insulation and an air barrier. These types of shades are more effective than other soft window treatments. 

Blinds are a good choice but because they have horizontal slats it is a little more difficult to control heat loss through interior window blinds. However, if you choose a highly reflective type of blind it can help to reduce that heat. Blinds offer flexibility, so you can easily adjust the slats to control light and ventilation in your home as the temps cool off at night and let some of that cooler air in. 

Cellular shades are a great option to keep your home comfortable during any season. Cellular shades have great light-filtering capabilities, which will increase your home’s energy efficiency and allows for better light control in your home. Their layers help to act as an air barrier, which makes them a pretty effective choice as long as they are mounted close to the glass to help seal up any space where the heat might come into your home

Motorized blinds are one of the newer ways to keep your home cooler and running more energy efficient. You can program your motorized window treatments to open and close on a schedule. This can help keep your home cooler as you can decide just how much light you want in each room when you’re away.

To learn more about finding beautiful custom window coverings that can help you keep cool this summer, contact Gallery of Shades today and schedule a free in-home design consultation.


3 Hidden Reasons to Consider Custom Solar Shades

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You have many choices when it comes to window coverings for your home, but now more than ever, homeowners are looking to buy custom solar shades. Scottsdale residents love this window covering more than lots of other options. Wondering why? There are actually three reasons this is one of the single best choices. 

1 – They Stop the Power of the Sun

Most people look for cooling options in the world of window treatments. Scottsdale residents know something quite different, though. It’s not just about keeping a space cooler. Instead, it’s actually about protecting it. The bright rays of the sun can fade almost anything inside your home from your furniture to your flooring, and that makes blocking those bright rays day after day a must in your home. Custom solar shades can do just that, protecting everything inside your home. 

2 – They’re Cost-Effective

UV solar shades offer another hidden benefit you may not realize. They’re one of the most cost-effective window coverings on the market today. Because they’re constantly blocking sunlight from entering your home, they help regulate the temperature of your space. A space with more sunlight will naturally be warmer, and a space that’s darker will naturally keep cool. An affordable choice, they’ll help you keep saving money well after you’ve had them installed. 

3 – They Maintain Your Privacy And Your Light Control

These shades are very good at blocking the light, but they’re also very good at giving you a bit of extra privacy. They come in a variety of thicknesses, and can help keep both light and onlookers out of your private space. The tighter the weave of your blinds, the more privacy you get– and if you’re living in a small space, or even if you just have nosy neighbors, that can be one of the best parts of your home. 

As private as they can be, though, they also let in some of the natural lighting you want. UV solar shades’ variety of thicknesses can also ensure that you can always get the best look for your home. 

In a big family room, where you want to keep the windows open most of the time, you can spring for a 5 or 10% weave, where the threads are spaced further apart and your Scottsdale window coverings are more translucent. In a room that you don’t want much light in, though, you can spring for a 3 or 1% window covering, which makes the room both darker and more private.

Window Treatments at a Great Price

You’ve had a closer look at the hidden benefits of custom solar shades. Ready to make a purchase? If you’re looking to buy solar shades, Scottsdale’s best option is Gallery of Shades. From off-the-shelf options to custom solar shades, Scottsdale residents turn to us over any other window covering company because we’re happy to help you find the perfect product for your windows. 

We’re the one name to know for custom window treatments in Scottsdale. Ready to see if solar shades are right for you? Contact us to book a free in-home consultation today.


Why Faux Wood Blinds? Take a Peek at the Benefits Now

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If you’re looking to update your window coverings this summer, it’s time to start finding the best options and designs for your home and budget. If you want something classy, but simple and easy to clean and maintain, why not take a look at faux wood blinds? So many Scottsdale residents that have already made this addition to their homes will tell you that they’re the perfect choice for many reasons. Explore the top 3 benefits of custom faux wood blinds now. 

Benefit #1 – A Low-Cost Option

Maybe one of the biggest benefits of faux wood blinds is the fact that they’re one of the more budget-friendly window coverings available today. Unlike real wood or even some curtains, faux wood blinds are a very affordable option for your home. While many of the more budget-friendly options in the window coverings market look rather cheap, faux wood blinds offer you a beautiful window covering at an incredibly affordable price. 

Benefit #2 – A Variety of Choices

Given that this window covering is affordable, you might think you have to sacrifice color and style options, but that’s just not the case. These window coverings look so much like real wood, you won’t be able to tell the difference. They come in a number of different slat sizes, colors, and other options to help match the feel of virtually any room in your home.

Benefit #3 – Reliable Durability

The best part about faux wood blinds, though, is how long they last! Faux wood blinds are both more moisture-resistant and more durable than their wood counterparts, which makes them a great choice for your home. 

Traditional wood blinds are liable to absorb the humidity of a room, making them swell and warp. Faux wood doesn’t do that, because it doesn’t have any of the same pores wood blinds do. Even better, faux wood lasts longer than wood blinds for that same reason.

Choose Faux Wood Blinds

Think faux wood blinds are the right choice for your home? There’s no better time to buy faux wood blinds than right now. Gallery of Shades can help. Getting custom faux wood blinds from the Gallery can help your home look amazing, and even take on a new look.

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Are you looking for great new window coverings in your home? Are you lost amid a sea of different options to pick from, totally confused about which shades are actually right for your home? If you’re looking for a beautiful choice that will enhance your home and change the way you think about window coverings, Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman shades are the right option. 

The Simple Choice

Why is this the right window covering no matter what your home’s overall tone? It’s simple– they look fantastic on your windows. There are a lot of types of roman shades, but Vignette Modern Roman shades are the way to go. With a timeless design and no exposed cords, these can look good in any space and at any length! 

If you’ve previously looked into cordless window shades, there are many options, but these are a bit different. When you want to draw them up, they simply disappear into a small valance that you’ll never even notice hanging there, and when you’re ready to bring them back down again, it’s incredibly simple. Vignette Modern Roman shades come in a wide variety of lengths, weaves, and colors, so you never have to look far for the perfect match for your room.

Energy-Efficiency Is The Way To Go

In Scottsdale, window coverings serve one key purpose – keeping the heat out. These are a great way to maximize your energy savings! Vignette Modern Roman shades can help trap warm air in your house during the winter, and even keep the cold in during the summer. This creates a new layer of insulation to help keep your home at the perfect temperature all year round, making your space the ideal temperature throughout the year

A Variety of Customizations

The best thing about Vignette Modern Roman shades is that they’re so easy to customize! With the Gallery of Shades, you can get vignette modern roman shades tailor-made for the door or window that you want to block, and you can hand-pick the materials, weave, and even fabrics used in your new window coverings.

Buy Vignette Modern Roman Shades at Gallery of Shades

Intrigued by these modern Roman shades? Scottsdale’s own Gallery of Shades is ready to help you choose the ideal option for your home. 

Give us a call to book a free in-home consultation today.


The heat of another Arizona summer is well on its way, and for many people, that means finding energy-efficient ways to keep the sun out during those long, hot days. For most, one of the best option is blackout window treatments.

Why Do You Need Blackout Window Coverings?

Summer is coming up soon, and the sun can be relentless when it comes to heating up your home and damaging your belongings. If you don’t do well in the heat or you’re worried about your furniture and flooring fading as the hot summer light beats down on it all day, it might be in your best interest to look into new blackout window coverings for your windows. Blackout window treatments help to literally block the light flowing into your home from those gorgeous windows, which helps keep your energy bill lower and your home fully protected. 

Blackout Shades

Shades are a quintessential home window treatment, and there’s a good reason why! They come in a variety of different colors, patterns, textures, and styles to help better meet the design needs of your home. There are three notable types of shades: roller shades, which are discreet and easy to conceal; roman shades, which are stylish and fold up to create a cute valance; and cellular shades, which are made of a honeycomb-like pattern to help darken and insulate your rooms. No matter what you choose, blackout shades are thick and block all light into the room, keeping your home safe for the summer.

Blackout Blinds

Like shades, blinds are an incredibly versatile choice, and as with shades, they’re also available in blackout varieties to help keep this summer’s sun at bay. Do you need fabric blinds for the best blackout? You can find them in any color or pattern you desire. Do you need wood or faux wood blinds to complete your rustic aesthetic? You’ll find a variety of grains and colors to best meet the needs of your home. Are you thinking about finding plastic, because of its simplicity and modernism? It’s easy to find the best way to block out the sun and protect your belongings when you invest in blackout shades.

Getting The Best Blackout Window Treatments For Your Budget

Protecting your home may mean investing in the best blackout window treatment options to meet your needs, and at Gallery of Shades, we can help. No matter how big or where your window is, we have the perfect solution to keep light and heat out of your home this summer. 


Window Coverings for Mid Century Modern Homes


Are you looking for new window coverings for your home? Are you moving into a new home, and you’re not sure how to decorate? Or do you just need an escape from what you’ve already got? Window coverings can be a tricky thing to choose- here are the best window coverings for your mid-century modern house.

Check Out Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are making a comeback this year! While many regard these window treatments as tacky or clinical, they’re very much not! Vertical blinds are made of wide, thin slats that hang vertically around your window, and can be turned like a set of blinds. They can be made of simple, bland plastic, but they also come in many different materials. Some come in wood, and even more, can be covered in any color or pattern of the fabric.

Vertical blinds are great for your home, because they’re easy to keep clean and can cover larger areas that some types of window coverings just can’t. They’re great if you’re looking to keep a sliding door private, or even if you’re just looking to reduce light from your picture window. Pair them with a set of window sheers, and you have a beautiful picture just waiting to happen inside your home.

Look Into Some Shades

Vertical blinds aren’t the only type of helpful window covering, though. Roller shades are also a great way to go. These window coverings are able to discreetly roll up when you’re not using them, and can come in a wide variety of fabric patterns or colors. You can alter their size, thickness, and even how sheer they are, to ensure that your space always has the perfect amount of light. Cellular shades are much like roller shades, but instead of being one or two pieces of fabric that roll down, they’re made of a cellular or “honeycomb” pattern, which helps make them more energy-efficient and keep your home at the right temperature.

Draperies And More

If you’re not the type for blinds and shades, though, draperies are still a big-ticket item. While fabric curtains or valances seem to be the standard nowadays, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be! Draperies can come in almost any color or fabric, and it’s easy to resize them to fit around a new window. 

Learn More About Custom Window Treatments

If you’re looking for new or even custom window treatments, call Gallery of Shades. We always have the best selection for your budget and your home from window sheers with vertical blinds to draperies and cellular shades. Call Gallery of Shades at 480-643-0014 to ensure that your home looks its best– starting with the window treatments.


Casement Window Treatments You Can Use In Your Home


Casement windows offer some serious benefits to homeowners. They offer a distinctive look few other window styles can match. Beyond that, though, they mean superior airflow throughout 

your house. The problem for many homeowners, though, is that they’re a tough sell when it comes to the right window treatment. What options are even available for casement windows? Take a look. 

Check Out Roller Shades!

One of the best choices you can make for casement windows is to invest in a set of roller shades. These handy window treatments roll up into the top of your window when you’re not using them, so they’re the perfect choice for something like a casement window because they fit well almost anywhere, even with unique casement windows. Roller shades can come in a variety of different colors, patterns, and weights, making them ideal no matter what your decorating style.

Roman Shades Are Coming Back

Roman shades are fantastic for almost all of the windows in your home, even your casement windows. They fold up on each other, creating a thin strip at the top of your window, and can come in many different materials or patterns. Many people choose fabric, but you can also find them in wood or plastic if it matches your space better. Much like a roller shade, Roman shades can come in many different weights as well, so that you can control how much light is being let into your home. They’re also great to help regulate the temperature of your home, as they can insulate your windows.

Cellular Shades Are Still a Good Option

Cellular shades are some of the best options for your casement windows. They’re built in a celled or “honeycombed” pattern to help insulate your home and block out light. The more cells in your shade, the less light it will let through, and the more insulated your home. Much like the other kinds of shades detailed here, they can come in a variety of different materials and patterns. However, this type of shade is usually made of fabric for maximum flexibility. Moreover, they’ll work well no matter what direction the window opens. 

Learn More About Custom Window Treatments

If you want to learn more about custom window treatments for your casement windows, talk to the professionals at the Gallery of Shades. We know exactly how to help even your windows, and how to do it stylishly! Give us a call today for a free in-home consultation so we can create the ideal window coverings for your casement windows.