3 Hidden Reasons to Consider Custom Solar Shades

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You have many choices when it comes to window coverings for your home, but now more than ever, homeowners are looking to buy custom solar shades. Scottsdale residents love this window covering more than lots of other options. Wondering why? There are actually three reasons this is one of the single best choices. 

1 – They Stop the Power of the Sun

Most people look for cooling options in the world of window treatments. Scottsdale residents know something quite different, though. It’s not just about keeping a space cooler. Instead, it’s actually about protecting it. The bright rays of the sun can fade almost anything inside your home from your furniture to your flooring, and that makes blocking those bright rays day after day a must in your home. Custom solar shades can do just that, protecting everything inside your home. 

2 – They’re Cost-Effective

UV solar shades offer another hidden benefit you may not realize. They’re one of the most cost-effective window coverings on the market today. Because they’re constantly blocking sunlight from entering your home, they help regulate the temperature of your space. A space with more sunlight will naturally be warmer, and a space that’s darker will naturally keep cool. An affordable choice, they’ll help you keep saving money well after you’ve had them installed. 

3 – They Maintain Your Privacy And Your Light Control

These shades are very good at blocking the light, but they’re also very good at giving you a bit of extra privacy. They come in a variety of thicknesses, and can help keep both light and onlookers out of your private space. The tighter the weave of your blinds, the more privacy you get– and if you’re living in a small space, or even if you just have nosy neighbors, that can be one of the best parts of your home. 

As private as they can be, though, they also let in some of the natural lighting you want. UV solar shades’ variety of thicknesses can also ensure that you can always get the best look for your home. 

In a big family room, where you want to keep the windows open most of the time, you can spring for a 5 or 10% weave, where the threads are spaced further apart and your Scottsdale window coverings are more translucent. In a room that you don’t want much light in, though, you can spring for a 3 or 1% window covering, which makes the room both darker and more private.

Window Treatments at a Great Price

You’ve had a closer look at the hidden benefits of custom solar shades. Ready to make a purchase? If you’re looking to buy solar shades, Scottsdale’s best option is Gallery of Shades. From off-the-shelf options to custom solar shades, Scottsdale residents turn to us over any other window covering company because we’re happy to help you find the perfect product for your windows. 

We’re the one name to know for custom window treatments in Scottsdale. Ready to see if solar shades are right for you? Contact us to book a free in-home consultation today.

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