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Blackout Window Treatments


The heat of another Arizona summer is well on its way, and for many people, that means finding energy-efficient ways to keep the sun out during those long, hot days. For most, one of the best option is blackout window treatments. Why Do You Need Blackout Window Coverings? Summer is coming up soon, and the [...]


As you shop for the right window treatment for your space, you’re likely to come across many different terms. Among them are blackout and light diffusing. Whether you’re looking at blinds, shades, or curtains, you may continuously find these two labels, but what do they really mean and how will they affect your space once [...]

Get the Best Night Sleep With the Right Bedroom Window Coverings

best bedroom window coverings gallery of shades

Recent studies have shown one in three adults do not get the sleep they need. Often that’s due to a variety of reasons, but one main culprit behind sleep problems is that there’s simply too much light in people’s bedrooms. Whether that’s because you’re a shift worker who has to sleep odd hours or you [...]

Consider This Before You Buy Blackout Curtains for Your Home

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What do you want to consider when you buy blackout curtains? It’s frustrating to get home and realize they don’t fit well enough, or they let light in from their edges. You don’t want them too bunched up, but you also don’t want to find your curtains coming up short. The best blackout curtains are [...]