The Best Blackout Window Treatments To Keep The Summer Heat Out


The heat of another Arizona summer is well on its way, and for many people, that means finding energy-efficient ways to keep the sun out during those long, hot days. For most, one of the best option is blackout window treatments.

Why Do You Need Blackout Window Coverings?

Summer is coming up soon, and the sun can be relentless when it comes to heating up your home and damaging your belongings. If you don’t do well in the heat or you’re worried about your furniture and flooring fading as the hot summer light beats down on it all day, it might be in your best interest to look into new blackout window coverings for your windows. Blackout window treatments help to literally block the light flowing into your home from those gorgeous windows, which helps keep your energy bill lower and your home fully protected. 

Blackout Shades

Shades are a quintessential home window treatment, and there’s a good reason why! They come in a variety of different colors, patterns, textures, and styles to help better meet the design needs of your home. There are three notable types of shades: roller shades, which are discreet and easy to conceal; roman shades, which are stylish and fold up to create a cute valance; and cellular shades, which are made of a honeycomb-like pattern to help darken and insulate your rooms. No matter what you choose, blackout shades are thick and block all light into the room, keeping your home safe for the summer.

Blackout Blinds

Like shades, blinds are an incredibly versatile choice, and as with shades, they’re also available in blackout varieties to help keep this summer’s sun at bay. Do you need fabric blinds for the best blackout? You can find them in any color or pattern you desire. Do you need wood or faux wood blinds to complete your rustic aesthetic? You’ll find a variety of grains and colors to best meet the needs of your home. Are you thinking about finding plastic, because of its simplicity and modernism? It’s easy to find the best way to block out the sun and protect your belongings when you invest in blackout shades.

Getting The Best Blackout Window Treatments For Your Budget

Protecting your home may mean investing in the best blackout window treatment options to meet your needs, and at Gallery of Shades, we can help. No matter how big or where your window is, we have the perfect solution to keep light and heat out of your home this summer. 

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