5 Window Covering Ideas for Corner Windows

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Are those big beautiful corner windows what encouraged you to buy the house? They’re beautiful for sure, and the natural light you get from them is probably phenomenal, but when it comes to choosing the right corner window treatments, you may be a little overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are several things you can do with corner windows to help enhance them and make the room look fantastic. 

Mirror the Space with Drapes

Custom drapes can be great window treatments for corner windows particularly when you use them to build a mirror image for each window. You’ll be adding the perfect element of symmetry, and you can decide which window treatment you want to leave open and when. 

Go Sheer

Sheer window treatments offer the perfect level of light diffusion and privacy, and with sheers, you’ll get the airy, unified feel you really want. Think sheers are too limiting? Think again. They’re completely customizable, and they’re available in a variety of different colors and textures, so they’ll look great in almost any space. 

Create a Continuous Window Treatment

You may have two separate windows in the corner, but one of the best ways to handle that situation is to use corner window coverings that span the two of them. Going with a single drapery rod and a corner connector, along with a window treatment like custom draperies or valances that are large enough to span the two together, can make it feel absolutely seamless, which will help to smooth the turn and create a new look in that space. 

Just Stick to the Top

Many people tackle the problem with a window valance and something simple like blinds. This creates an interesting addition, but more importantly, it can help to soften those rough corners a set of windows like this creates. You can even go with a single valance across the corners to help bring everything together. 

Stay Simple

If you have two smaller windows that meet each other in the corner, you may just want to stay with something simple like roman shades or even wood blinds. It will help to create a unified look in the space and still give you the light and privacy control you want most. 

Struggling with your corner windows? We can help. With a free in-home consultation and lots of custom window coverings, Gallery of Shades offers so much more than window treatments. We offer the perfect touch to help enhance the beauty of your home. Learn more when you contact us today. 

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