Window Coverings for Mid Century Modern Homes


Are you looking for new window coverings for your home? Are you moving into a new home, and you’re not sure how to decorate? Or do you just need an escape from what you’ve already got? Window coverings can be a tricky thing to choose- here are the best window coverings for your mid-century modern house.

Check Out Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are making a comeback this year! While many regard these window treatments as tacky or clinical, they’re very much not! Vertical blinds are made of wide, thin slats that hang vertically around your window, and can be turned like a set of blinds. They can be made of simple, bland plastic, but they also come in many different materials. Some come in wood, and even more, can be covered in any color or pattern of the fabric.

Vertical blinds are great for your home, because they’re easy to keep clean and can cover larger areas that some types of window coverings just can’t. They’re great if you’re looking to keep a sliding door private, or even if you’re just looking to reduce light from your picture window. Pair them with a set of window sheers, and you have a beautiful picture just waiting to happen inside your home.

Look Into Some Shades

Vertical blinds aren’t the only type of helpful window covering, though. Roller shades are also a great way to go. These window coverings are able to discreetly roll up when you’re not using them, and can come in a wide variety of fabric patterns or colors. You can alter their size, thickness, and even how sheer they are, to ensure that your space always has the perfect amount of light. Cellular shades are much like roller shades, but instead of being one or two pieces of fabric that roll down, they’re made of a cellular or “honeycomb” pattern, which helps make them more energy-efficient and keep your home at the right temperature.

Draperies And More

If you’re not the type for blinds and shades, though, draperies are still a big-ticket item. While fabric curtains or valances seem to be the standard nowadays, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be! Draperies can come in almost any color or fabric, and it’s easy to resize them to fit around a new window. 

Learn More About Custom Window Treatments

If you’re looking for new or even custom window treatments, call Gallery of Shades. We always have the best selection for your budget and your home from window sheers with vertical blinds to draperies and cellular shades. Call Gallery of Shades at 480-643-0014 to ensure that your home looks its best– starting with the window treatments.

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