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Kids Rooms

Consider These Tips Before You Buy Curtains for the Baby’s Room!

Decorating a baby’s room can be complex. There’s so much to consider, and so many different options out there. Among the choice to be made are the window treatments you’ll use in the baby’s room, and while you’ll certainly want to consider aesthetics, there are several other aspects to factor in as well.   Think Safety: [...]

Which Room Darkening Shades are Best for a Kids Room?


You’ve worked hard to make your child’s bedroom look amazing. The last step? Fantastic shades. But what’s going to look great and still be safe in a child’s room? What about nap time? Which type of room darkening shades will work best? There are lots of window shade options that will reflect the style you’ve [...]

Selecting the Best Kids Room Window Treatment Ideas

kids room window treatment ideas gallery of shades scottsdale

Maybe you’re creating a theme for a young child. The best advice here is to keep up the theme when it comes to curtains and shades for kids rooms. If you have a child who’s old enough to choose their own theme, then involve them in the process! This is the first and most important of [...]

Cordless Cellular Shades Offer Safety for a Child’s Room

cordless cellular shades gallery of shades scottsdale

Shades can be a beautiful window treatment that also brings function into the equation. Shades allow you to open up a room with natural light, still allowing for privacy. Traditional shades are built with cords to raise, lower, and open and close slats. Unfortunately, these cords can be a safety hazard if not closely monitored in [...]

Choosing Stylish Teen Room Window Treatments

teen room window treatments gallery of shades

What do teens want for their rooms?  Chances are good it won’t be what mom or dad select as their first choice.  If you want your teen to be happy and comfortable in their own space (and what parent doesn’t?), you will need to take their tastes into consideration when choosing teen room window treatments. [...]

Curtains and Window Treatments for Your Baby’s Nursery

nursery window treatments Gallery of Shades Scottsdale

No doubt the walls have been painted and the baby furniture is placed in perfect position around the room.  The baby shower is over or has been scheduled, and the gifts are strategically arranged to welcome your little one home.  While you have put lots of thought into color schemes and themes throughout the room, [...]

Finding the Right Game Room Shades

game room shades gallery of shades Scottsdale AZ

Let’s start with the fact that you’re never too old for a game room and the right décor for that game room can be quite important.  Do you want to go rustic, sleek, relaxing, playful or masculine so that it’s more of a man cave?  No matter what décor you choose, the right game room [...]

Best Window Treatments for a Boy’s Room

One of the easiest ways to add some fun and color to your son’s room is with the addition of window treatments. There are tons of different styles too, so you’re practically guaranteed to find something that both you and your child love. Consider these top choices for boys’ room window treatments. Blinds and Shutters [...]

Best Window Treatments for a Girl’s Room

Looking to jazz up your little girl’s bedroom? Window treatments offer an easy way to add lots charm and character, and there are tons of options available that will make both you and your daughter happy. Here are some of the most popular choices for window treatments that moms, dads, and daughters are going for [...]