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Pirouettes Window Coverings for your Phoenix Home or Office

This shade is made with soft fabrics vanes that are easily attached to a sheer backing. It creates a look that appears to be floating. This allows natural light into the room. We offer free in home design consultation. We bring our design studio to you to help you select the perfect product, fabric and materials. This enables clients to see exactly what the product will look like in their home or place of business.

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– Laura T.

Are Pirouette Window Shades Right For Your Home?

Are Pirouette Window Shades Right For Your Home?

Sheer window coverings mean lots of possibilities for a room, but they also mean reduced privacy and light control, two key factors when you’re shopping for the best window treatments. What do you do when you want the beauty of a sheer but the privacy and light control of other, more traditional window coverings? While [...]

Custom Floating Shades: Function Meets Beauty

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Imagine an intuitive window covering that looks as if it just belongs in your window. Floating shades that meet your light control and privacy needs. Sound too good to be true? Custom floating shades are here thanks to Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window Shades, a tailor-made option that will fit your windows perfectly.   What Are [...]

Pirouette window shades gallery of shades

What do you look for in a window covering choice? If you’re like most people, you’re looking for a combination of three things – something that is visually attractive to the interior space, something that provides you a beautiful view of the outside world, and something that provides you with privacy when you want it [...]

Create a Perfect Look with Floating Pirouette Shades

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In ballet, a pirouette is a lovely and fluid move that exudes grace, balance, and beauty. In home decor, a pirouette shade also represents balance and beauty by incorporating sheer material and functional slats to create a stunning shade for your home or office. The vanes of these blinds appear to be floating as they [...]

What are Pirouette Window Coverings?

pirouette window coverings gallery of shades Scottsdale

What are Pirouette window coverings and how can they enhance your home? Pirouette shades are window coverings that are both stylish and functional. Made of wood covered fabric, these window treatments look like Roman Shades when closed, but have sheer panels when opened. This design allows them to look great no matter their position. The [...]