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What Are Balloon Shades?

What Are Balloon Shades?

Elegant, soft touches. Sound like what you hope to achieve with your window coverings? Balloon shades can help you achieve the perfect, soft effect you’re looking for, no matter what the space might be in your home.  What Are Balloon Shades? If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of balloon window shades, you’re not alone. This [...]

What is the Right Length for Curtains?

What is the Right Length for Curtains?

Curtains are one of the single most popular window treatments available today, and while there are many decisions that go into selecting the right curtains for a room, one of the most important is the length. What is the best curtain length, and what’s going to make your house look great?  The Standards Curtains come [...]

The Best Way to Hang Curtain Panels

The Best Way to Hang Curtain Panels

It’s crucial to have great window panels in your home. They can block light, they can keep prying eyes out, and they can give a little bit of color to a room that needs it. Face it- curtains are great! But the real downside is that they can be difficult to hang. Fortunately, we’ve got [...]

Showcasing Your Home Decor with Beautiful Custom Window Panels

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Custom curtain panels are beautiful ways to highlight a feature of your home, the scenery outside, and the light itself as it comes in. They should look good and be useful in practice. Curtains for your home are there to darken the room. Rely on custom window panels to get the best look. What should [...]

Cleaning Curtains: The Tips You Need Now

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Your curtains may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to keeping your house clean, but they should absolutely be on the list. Understanding how to clean window curtains is essential. Dust collects on your curtains on a regular basis, as do odors. If you have pets, pet hair may pile [...]

What is the Best Solution for Home Theater Window Treatments?

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Your home theater looks simply stunning. You have the perfect screen, great chairs that are really comfortable, and a selection of films you can’t wait to view. You’ve thought of absolutely everything. When the lights go down, you’re ready. Except – the sun is shining through that window. You forgot to consider window treatments! You [...]

Using Dining Room Curtains for your Redesign

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Are you remodeling your dining room?  Have you chosen an updated color of paint for your walls and settled on your next table and chair set?  What about overhead lighting?  The next step will be your choice of dining room window coverings.  Get your notepad and pen out because choices are abundant when it comes [...]

Finials Are Timeless Window Treatment Accents

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Choosing your window treatments is just as personal as picking out your other home decor. Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale offers a large variety of window coverings and window treatment accents that gives you the opportunity to add your own taste and style to every room of your home. For a different flair consider adding an [...]

Customize Your Home Décor Look on a Budget

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Home renovations can be quite expensive.  There are so many options from flooring to paint, and of course the things we seem to like best turn out to be the most expensive!  If you are looking to make a big impact with less cash, then why not try one of these budget friendly tricks for your home [...]

Swags Are Essential to a Completed Window Design

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Designing with swags does not have to complicated or difficult at all.  Swag window treatments are the “dot” on the “i” – some people believe that unless your curtains or drapes have swags, they are just not complete.  Enhancing your curtains or drapes with just the right amount of swag can make all the difference [...]