Charming Bay Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home

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Bay windows are an exceedingly charming attribute to a home.  When searching for bay window treatment ideas, several options can be considered.  Whichever window covering is selected, the area of the room the bay window is in should be allowed to remain unique yet flexible, ensuring that you make good use of the space.

Curtains for a Bay Window

It can be tricky to find the right curtains for a bay window. The windows jut outward from the main walls of the home, giving a unique character to each room with a bay window. Measuring for curtains to fit the windows just right can also be tricky. You will need to measure each section individually. When measuring for width, start at the first section on the left and then stop just before the next section. Basically, there are two options for curtains for a bay window.

You can hang curtains on either side before the curvature of the bay and then place a roman shade on the inside of every window. You could also hang curtains on each window section. Many curtain options are available, as well as choice in colors, of course, so you can continue your desired decorating theme for each room. You could also run a valance above each window section. Often, curtains for a bay window can require special rails to hold them.

Blinds For a Bay Window

Blinds for a bay window should be customized so they will ensure a neat and tidy look. If you want the bay window to speak as an essence of luxury, use Roman shades and then put blinds in each separate section. For a unique look, try setting the blinds at different heights for each section.

Bay Window Shutters

Bay window shutters are often referred to as a “curb appeal option” by real estate agents. They look expensive, but they can be one of the most inexpensive options. Wooden shutters and tier-on-tier shutters are very popular options for bay window shutters. It can be tricky to get the right measurements for shutters but a professional knows just how to take the measurements so that the shutters will fit exactly with each window section.

Bay windows are an aesthetically appealing component to a home. Consult with a Gallery of Shades professional to ensure you know all the bay window treatment options available to you before making a final choice.

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