On Trend Grass Window Shades Add Style and Texture

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One of the hottest trends in window treatments is grass window shades. Grass blinds and shades are made from natural materials, which can make a formal living arrangement look easygoing, cozy, and welcoming while adding dimension to a home. If you’re thinking about adding new custom window coverings to your home, you might want to consider grass window shades.

Grass shades are light filtering and are not designed to completely block out outdoor light. They are designed to allow small amounts of light to come through, even when the shades are drawn. Grass shades provide the privacy and filter you need, making grass window shades a great choice for people that want privacy and natural light.

When it comes to decorative elements in a home, most people are focused on style and color but texture is an important design element. Grass window shades add texture to your space by using natural wood, reeds, and bamboo. Grass shades provide a unique and natural texture that complements most spaces and pulls together the other design features in your space.

Grass blinds and shades can go in pretty much any home and come in a wide variety of colors. With so many amazing textures and color choices, these shades can match any décor and are a wonderful addition to any home.

If you want to add dimension, color and texture to your home take a look at grass window shades! Contact Gallery of Shades today for a free in-home design consultation today.

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