Why Grass Weave and Bamboo Shades Make Great Window Coverings

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Protection from the heat of the sun. A respite from the wind. A chance to keep the warmth in your home. These are some of the earliest reasons window coverings existed, and as far back as ancient cultures, they were part of many homes. At that time, though, they only existed in a few forms, and grass weave shades was one of them. Because it was abundant, tall grasses and bamboo often graced the windows of people in ancient cultures. Whether as a nod to these original window coverings or just a stylish rediscovery, many of today’s top window shades and blinds echo these materials, and there are lots of reasons to consider window coverings like bamboo shades or other natural woods for your home today.

The Green Choice

One of the most important reasons people choose options like bamboo shades, or those made from other natural fibers, is that they’re eco-friendly. These kinds of window coverings are all made from sustainable materials that are extensively available. They’re a safe option when you’re trying to make your entire life a little greener.

Great Textures

Natural fibers tend to have a unique texture that just can’t be matched by artificial options on the market today. That texture can do so much for any room in your house. It can work with a number of different décor styles, and the colors tend to be neutral enough to work with the other elements in a room. They’re often lightweight, too, which makes them easy to install and easy to balance with the heavier items in a room.

Privacy and Protection

You want to keep prying eyes out of your home, and natural fiber shades and blinds can do just that. They can help you maintain your privacy while still allowing the right amount of light in. What’s more, though, is that they’ll do exactly what ancient cultures hoped they would – keep the outside air out and keep the warmth (or cool) inside your home.

Ready to consider stylish, natural woven shades for your home? We have a complete selection of window coverings designed from natural materials from bamboo blinds to natural wood shades.

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