Custom Window Coverings for Specialty Windows

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Windows are not all created equally. There are many different shapes and sizes of windows. Specialty windows are often used to enhance your view, add light to your home or to create unique features to your home for curb appeal and character.

Finding the right window treatments for these unique windows can be a challenge. Finding a custom window treatment company that offers an assortment of window coverings for uncommonly shaped windows is important. Gallery of Shades has what you and your windows are looking for.

Gallery of Shades offers specialty-shaped window coverings for light control, privacy, and insulation while adding to the personal style and decor of your home.

Learn more about these types of specialty windows and custom window covering solutions:

Bay windows are statement windows and offer benefits like seating and allowing more natural light to enter the room. Finding the right bay window treatments ideas though may be difficult at first, but Gallery of Shades offers in-home design consultation to help you figure out what is right for your space. 

Arches and circular windows add a modern and chic vibe to your home. If you want to add a window covering to these windows, there are many great options including shutters, roller shades, and cellular shades.

Corner windows can add tons of natural light but finding corner window treatments may seem like a daunting task. Sheer window treatments offer the perfect level of light diffusion and privacy that are perfect for corner windows.

Sliding doors and French doors add a lot of light and versatility to a room while offering easy access to the indoor/outdoor lifestyle of Scottsdale. Gallery of Shades offers many coverings for doors that can easily be designed for your unique home.

Types of Window Coverings

Solar Shades: In Arizona where the sun almost always shines, solar shades are a great energy-efficient option. Solar shades are modern shades that will help to keep your home cool from the hot Arizona sun while blocking out the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Cellular shades: often called honeycomb shades are a great option for specialty-shaped windows. Cellular shades offer a simple, elegant, consistent look, while also offering energy efficiency. 

Shutters: Wooden plantation shutters and even faux wood blinds are a very popular option for custom window treatments. You may not think of them as an option for shaped windows such as ovals, hexagons, half-moon windows, and more but they are. Shutters are classic and very versatile. They are one of the most common options for uniquely shaped windows.

Roller shades: offer endless customization options. They are budget-friendly, versatile and can even be motorized. They can give your space an undeniably classy look.

If you are looking for custom window treatments for specialty windows, contact Gallery of Shades. With a great selection of the best window covering options on the market today, we can help you find the perfect window treatment for all of the specialty windows in your home.

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