Beating the Summer Heat with Custom Window Coverings

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In Arizona, summer temperatures come early and stay for many months. Air conditioning is a necessity but running it nonstop for months on end can give you a sky-high utility bill. 

Thankfully, not only do blinds, curtains, and other window treatments look good, they can also help keep your house cooler and help to keep your bills in check. According to about 76% of the sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows enters to become heat. With the intense heat of the Arizona, sun can add up to a lot of extra heat in your home, quickly!

The right kind of window coverings can add character to your home and help save on your energy bills. 

Below are some affordable energy-efficient window treatments that will help your home stay a bit cooler in the summer heat.

Custom window shades are one of the most effective ways to save energy, but they need to be drawn to work efficiently. Roman shades offer several layers of material that can act as both insulation and an air barrier. These types of shades are more effective than other soft window treatments. 

Blinds are a good choice but because they have horizontal slats it is a little more difficult to control heat loss through interior window blinds. However, if you choose a highly reflective type of blind it can help to reduce that heat. Blinds offer flexibility, so you can easily adjust the slats to control light and ventilation in your home as the temps cool off at night and let some of that cooler air in. 

Cellular shades are a great option to keep your home comfortable during any season. Cellular shades have great light-filtering capabilities, which will increase your home’s energy efficiency and allows for better light control in your home. Their layers help to act as an air barrier, which makes them a pretty effective choice as long as they are mounted close to the glass to help seal up any space where the heat might come into your home

Motorized blinds are one of the newer ways to keep your home cooler and running more energy efficient. You can program your motorized window treatments to open and close on a schedule. This can help keep your home cooler as you can decide just how much light you want in each room when you’re away.

To learn more about finding beautiful custom window coverings that can help you keep cool this summer, contact Gallery of Shades today and schedule a free in-home design consultation.

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