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What is the Right Length for Curtains?

What is the Right Length for Curtains?

Curtains are one of the single most popular window treatments available today, and while there are many decisions that go into selecting the right curtains for a room, one of the most important is the length. What is the best curtain length, and what’s going to make your house look great?  The Standards Curtains come [...]

Buy Custom Drapes for a Bold and Beautiful Look in Any Room

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Not sure where to begin searching for drapes for your home? Hoping to make a statement with your living or dining room drapes, but you have no idea how to do that? Fortunately, this guide can help. Whether you decide to buy custom drapes or you just want to grab an off-the-shelf choice, there are [...]

Tips on Choosing Drapery Fabric

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Curtains can be the perfect addition to any space in your home for a variety of reasons. They offer privacy, temperature control, and the perfect touch to your decor that few other window coverings can offer. To get those beautiful drapes, though, you’ll have to choose a fabric you love. Learning how to choose drapery [...]

Add Drama with Custom Drapes in Your ScottsdaleHome

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It’s hard to think of draperies without thinking about swooping, dramatic, classic sets of fabric hung opulently from large window openings. Even Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind knew that using drapes created drama for her wardrobe. You can have the same drama, minus the tears, in your own home when you choose to [...]

Benefits of Blackout Curtains? A Better Night’s Rest

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Custom room darkening curtains are valuable for a variety of reasons.  Let’s begin with the benefits of blackout curtains: For starters, living in Scottsdale, Arizona, the sun becomes a constant companion.  While welcoming and desirable (over cold and snowy locales for many), the incessant heat bearing down can, on some days, be too much for [...]

Custom Draperies in Scottsdale Are Always A Good Choice

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Floor to ceiling drapes can add a dramatic look to a room.  They can also serve to make a low ceiling look taller.  As well, drapes that touch the floor yet also reach the ceiling can provide a first impression to visitors of your home that says, Welcome.  The variety of fabrics and colors available [...]

Caring for Your Draperies

Although most people sweep their floors, vacuum their carpet, and dust their furniture, draperies are often ignored and left alone.   This is a definite mistake since draperies are often somewhat of a magnet for dirt, dust and pet hair. Ignoring their care will often shorten their lifespan and after a while make them look dirty [...]

Drapes or Blinds: Which Are Your Best Option?

All of the options out there for window treatments can leave you quite dazzled with trying to decide between the use of drapes or blinds. Here are a few factors that may help you decide. Budget One of the things that should to be taken into consideration is your budget. Although drapes may have a [...]

While the fabric of your new curtains is definitely the focal point of your new window treatment, there’s another design element you must remember – the hardware used to mount the curtains. Curtain rods, support brackets, rings, and tiebacks are all pieces that you’ll need to consider when selecting your new window covering. Of course, [...]

Great Kitchen Curtains

Though many things have changed since the days of avocado green counter tops and harvest gold refrigerators, the kitchen is still the heart of the modern American home. Kitchens are often the hub around which the household revolves—where mail lands before it’s opened, where help with homework is offered, where preteens learn to bake cookies [...]