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The Best Blinds for Privacy

The Best Blinds for Privacy

The best window coverings do three things for your home. They can enhance the style in any given room. They control the amount of natural light filtering into a space. Most importantly, though, they give you the privacy you need inside your home. As you shop for blinds to fit the needs of a certain [...]

Window Covering Cleaning Tips You Need Before the Holidays!

Window Covering Cleaning Tips You Need Before the Holidays! Gallery of Shades

It may be the last thing you think about cleaning, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Understanding how to clean window blinds, shades, and shutters means a chance to completely deep clean your house, but they’re not all cleaned in the same manner. Understanding how to clean each type can help you protect [...]

When is the Right Time to Buy New Window Treatments?

new window treatments Gallery of Shades

How long have you actually had your window shades? Are they like an old mattress and you’ve reached a point where you really need to replace them?  Actually, yeah, there are several signs that you need to replace your shades with new window treatments. Take a look at a few now. Physical Damage: Lots of [...]

difference between vertical and horizontal blinds

Trying to decide what are the best blinds for your home? You’re not alone. Whether this is your first home or you just have a new place that you want to give a very different feel, choosing window coverings can be the toughest part of the entire decorating job. For many, the choice comes down [...]

Which Type of Blinds are the Best Blinds for Home Decor?

best blinds for home Gallery of Shades

What’s the difference between vertical and horizontal blinds? What are the best blinds for home decor out of the two? The difference is pretty clear, but choosing the right type will depend a bit on your home. Horizontal blinds are the best blinds for a home with tall, narrow windows. The type of window that’s halfway [...]

Selecting the Right Custom Blinds Makes a Difference

custom blinds gallery of shades

So you’ve finally decided to gift your windows with a new treatment.  How exciting!  But then doubt sets in.  How will you pick the right kind of custom blinds for your taste and your needs?  Isn’t it too expensive to do custom blinds?  What if you make a mistake?  If you’re ready to get started [...]