Get the Best Night Sleep With the Right Bedroom Window Coverings

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Recent studies have shown one in three adults do not get the sleep they need. Often that’s due to a variety of reasons, but one main culprit behind sleep problems is that there’s simply too much light in people’s bedrooms. Whether that’s because you’re a shift worker who has to sleep odd hours or you just have a pesky streetlight shining into your room, the right bedroom shades or blinds can help eliminate the problem entirely.

Window Blinds vs. Bedroom Blinds

Aren’t all blinds created equally? Can’t you simply use what you have in the living room? While you can absolutely use the same blinds in all of your spaces, the truth is that if you’re looking for the best window coverings available, you have to look on a room by room basis. It may not matter to you if the dining room is absolutely dark at night. Choosing blinds that allow ambient light into the bedroom, though, could make it difficult for you to sleep. Light suggests to your body that it shouldn’t be sleeping too deeply, and as a result, selecting blinds or shades that allow any light at all may mean you don’t sleep as well. Selecting blackout shades or curtains, though, can help put an end to the light sources that may be disrupting your sleep cycle.

Which Choice is Best?

Not quite sure which option is the best one to meet your needs? Feel free to shop around. Of course, you want a window treatment that looks great, but you also want one that has the ability to completely block the light. If you’re looking for a heavy drapery, blackout curtains should be a good bet, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. If, however, you prefer something like roman shades, cellular shades, or even blinds, all of those come in blackout varieties designed specifically for your bedroom.

Whether you already have something in mind or you need some help selecting the right bedroom window treatments to meet your needs, we’re here to help. Contact us today at 480.643.0014 for a free in-home design consultation!

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