Tips on Choosing Drapery Fabric

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Curtains can be the perfect addition to any space in your home for a variety of reasons. They offer privacy, temperature control, and the perfect touch to your decor that few other window coverings can offer. To get those beautiful drapes, though, you’ll have to choose a fabric you love. Learning how to choose drapery fabric is just a matter of considering these factors.

The Window’s Location: This is a key factor in choosing the right fabric for a few reasons. First, you need to think about the level of privacy you want. If the window in question faces the road or a sidewalk, you’ll need a heavier fabric with added privacy. You may also want to choose a sheer behind the fabric of your choice to add privacy while still getting the look you want. The other reason the location of your window matters is that those rooms that get a lot of sunlight need to have fabrics designed from man-made fibers covering them. Natural fibers in custom drapery like linen tend to fade quickly. Man-made fabrics last much longer in the sun.

Fabric Weight: The weight of the fabric is fairly important too. Various types of drapery fabric can help to increase energy efficiency, allow more (or less) light in, and change the way it hangs against the wall. For example, heavier fabrics don’t fold crisply when you draw them, and lighter fabrics don’t fall well against your flooring.

Color: This is the one concern virtually anyone shopping for custom drapes has, and for good reason. Color is likely the reason you went with drapes over other window treatment options initially. The right color can help make your windows shine, so select a color (and a pattern/style) that suits your decor well.

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