Installing New Curtains? Don’t Forget the Window Treatment Hardware!

While the fabric of your new curtains is definitely the focal point of your new window treatment, there’s another design element you must remember – the hardware used to mount the curtains. Curtain rods, support brackets, rings, and tiebacks are all pieces that you’ll need to consider when selecting your new window covering. Of course, the primary concern with any type of window treatment hardware is function, but design and aesthetics should also play a role.  Here are some of the most popular styles and trends with hardware right now:

  • High mounted curtain rods – Mounting the curtain rod about 6 inches above the window frame gives the illusion of height. Far too many people make the mistake of placing the curtain rod just above the frame, or worse, on the frame itself, which makes the room appear smaller. Higher mounted curtain rods direct the eye to that taller position, giving the room a much more expansive feel.
  • Sleek lines – The trend in window treatments right now is all about clean, sleek lines. This type of minimalist approach also carries over to the hardware side of the window covering. People are opting for simple, chrome rods and tiebacks, and moving away from more elaborate or ornate designs.
  • Glass or ceramic finials – The main design feature in curtain hardware are the finials, or the end pieces that attach to the rod. This is where you can have the most fun with the hardware, as there are lots of different materials and styles available. Right now, two of the more popular choices are finials crafted from glass or ceramic, which are sort of like jewelry for your curtains.

In the world of window treatments, curtain hardware is a close second in terms of importance, just after the curtains themselves. Don’t forget to think about how your hardware will work into your overall design scheme.


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