Great Kitchen Curtains

Though many things have changed since the days of avocado green counter tops and harvest gold refrigerators, the kitchen is still the heart of the modern American home. Kitchens are often the hub around which the household revolves—where mail lands before it’s opened, where help with homework is offered, where preteens learn to bake cookies in the messiest way possible.

Kitchens need to be pleasant spaces, somewhere to gather with family and friends while dicing carrots, roasting a chicken, or even heating up yesterday’s lasagna. What does that space—pleasant but busy—look like?

For many people, a kitchen isn’t a kitchen unless it has a spot of natural light. A window above the sink or the main prep area is ideal, so that whoever’s cooking has something nice to look at and perhaps a line of sight to what the kids are up to in the yard. And of course, you need curtains.

When you think of kitchen curtains, your mind may instantly flash to the standard from a generation (or two!) ago—short, divided strips of fabric edged with lots of ruffles, printed with a pattern of ducks wearing bonnets or some similarly adorable animal. If the old standard doesn’t match your stainless steel fridge or your granite counter tops, no fear! There are many more options.

You might go semi-traditional with red and white gingham, but omit the ruffles for a smoother look. For even more light, consider running a curtain rod across the center of the window to support a simple, dignified hanging of a single color. If your windows are wide, you might want to drape fabric in repeating loops from a rod above the top of the frame. No matter what you choose, be sure to consult a professional in drapery design to help you find the best curtains for your own particular kitchen style.

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