Custom Draperies in Scottsdale Are Always A Good Choice

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Floor to ceiling drapes can add a dramatic look to a room.  They can also serve to make a low ceiling look taller.  As well, drapes that touch the floor yet also reach the ceiling can provide a first impression to visitors of your home that says, Welcome.  The variety of fabrics and colors available adds fun and excitement to all the possibilities of creating custom draperies in Scottsdale.

Custom Drapes

The type of custom drapes you decide on can factor in the functionality of a room as well as the aesthetic appeal.  Whatever your goal for the purpose of the room and the look you want to bring to it can be implemented and complemented with custom drapes.

Do you want the floor to ceiling drapes to help in maintaining a comfortable room temperature?  Are you considering a heavier choice of fabric to help muffle noises and sounds?  Are the drapes in a bedroom where you want as much light blocked out as possible because you are a light sleeper?  The design of your window treatments and coverings really is all about what you want and need from your home.

Drapery Trends

Floor to ceiling drapes are most often crafted with heavier fabrics, from damask to tapestry, velvet, and satin.  They are also typically lined and add more of a formal touch to the environment.  They, like curtains, use colors and fabrics to create a particular mood or style to each particular room in your home.  When floor to ceiling drapes are longer than the floor and the bottom few inches are allowed to form a “pool” on the floor, this look typically conveys an upscale aura and wealthy ambiance.  Elegant drapery cords are trending now on custom draperies in Scottsdale for the classier look they provide.

Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale offers free in-home style consultations for custom draperies so your vision can come to fruition. We won’t be satisfied until you are completely thrilled with the window treatments in your home.

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