Caring for Your Draperies

Although most people sweep their floors, vacuum their carpet, and dust their furniture, draperies are often ignored and left alone.   This is a definite mistake since draperies are often somewhat of a magnet for dirt, dust and pet hair. Ignoring their care will often shorten their lifespan and after a while make them look dirty and dingy. Simply put, the proper care for your drapes will keep them looking nicely and will extend their life. These tips can help.

It is important to keep dust and dirt from permanently attaching to your drapes. The best way to do this is by simply giving them a gentle shake when you open them each morning. It’s also a good idea to take a hand held vacuum set at low to your draperies about once a month. This is important since dust and dirt have a tendency to make their way to your draperies. It is also important to wipe and clean up spills that happen on your draperies as soon as you can so that the stain doesn’t set. Usually a simple dampened cloth with a little warm water and mild soap will work.

Draperies also need to be protected against sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) rays. People will often protect their carpets, furniture and floors against UV rays but give little concern about the damage that they can cause to draperies. Since the sun is constantly shining on your drapes the UV rays can fade, weaken fabrics and shorten the life span of your draperies if they are not protected. The best way to protect your draperies from UV rays is simply to purchase lined drapes. This will greatly extend the life of your draperies.

If the fabric on your draperies is not too fragile you might possibly be able to launder them at home. Draperies normally should be laundered every few years. Before you attempt to launder them yourself make certain that you look at the label to see if they are actually washable. The better option though would be to have your draperies professionally cleaned. If kept clean they will last much longer and be much more presentable.


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