Drapes or Blinds: Which Are Your Best Option?

All of the options out there for window treatments can leave you quite dazzled with trying to decide between the use of drapes or blinds. Here are a few factors that may help you decide.


One of the things that should to be taken into consideration is your budget. Although drapes may have a bit more beauty they also cost more, and if you’re on a tight budget, blinds, which will normally cost less, might be your option. The right blinds can also be quite beautiful and work nicely in your home.

Type of Location

Another factor to take into consideration is where you are installing your window treatments. Draperies can work nicely in your home, but can be out of place in a business. Blinds simply look more professional and would be the better choice for a business location.


You may also want to think about your décor. There just isn’t anything quite as beautiful as a nice large full set of drapes hung in front of a window with a sheer window treatment behind them to allow the sunshine to peek through. On the other hand if you are looking for a much more contemporary décor you might want to consider using blinds since they can add nice sleek lines to your room. To achieve this look you might want to consider the use of skyline panel tracks.

Privacy & Light Control

How much privacy and light control you want to bring into a room is also a consideration. Many drapes can provide you with a good deal of privacy when closed and you can have a nice sheer window treatment behind them to allow light to come into the room during the day but still have some privacy. Blinds on the other hand are quite functional when trying to control your privacy and for deciding how much light to allow in the room. You can control this with a simple twist of the rod or pull of the chord to control how much sun to allow into the room.

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