Benefits of Blackout Curtains? A Better Night’s Rest

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Custom room darkening curtains are valuable for a variety of reasons.  Let’s begin with the benefits of blackout curtains: For starters, living in Scottsdale, Arizona, the sun becomes a constant companion.  While welcoming and desirable (over cold and snowy locales for many), the incessant heat bearing down can, on some days, be too much for some to take.  Blackout drapes and curtains can provide relief when the Scottsdale sun just becomes overwhelming.  There are several other benefits of blackout curtains, which we will explore below.


If you have a difficult time getting to sleep at night, it could be your bedroom isn’t dark enough, especially if you need to go to bed early, before the sun sets.  Other light reflections from outside sources, such as street lights, could also be a contributing factor to having too much light in the room.  Research studies have shown time and again that removing all light sources during sleep prevents interruptions to the body’s internal clock.  There is such a thing as “good” darkness which can enable a person to get “quality” sleep.  This could also be very important in a baby’s or child’s room.


Custom blackout curtains are also recognized for their value in reducing energy costs.  The thicker lining typical of blackout curtains is known to retain heat in a room if it gets cold outside (atypical in Scottsdale, of course), but it also has the opposite reaction of keeping heat out of a room.  This ensures a temperate climate in the environment, while also potentially saving money on your energy bill.  More benefits of blackout curtains include being seen as an environmental friendly solution, helping to reduce the human carbon footprint.


One of the more obvious benefits of blackout drapes is the privacy afforded.  As well as blocking light and heat, custom room darkening curtains are ideal for protecting the privacy of those in bedrooms or bathrooms.  No prying eyes can see through the thick blackout fabric.  Noise can also be reduced through use of blackout drapes.

When you want to darken a room, be sure to look at custom blackout curtains as a solution.  They can provide more than one benefit.

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