Showcasing Your Home Decor with Beautiful Custom Window Panels

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Custom curtain panels are beautiful ways to highlight a feature of your home, the scenery outside, and the light itself as it comes in. They should look good and be useful in practice. Curtains for your home are there to darken the room. Rely on custom window panels to get the best look. What should you know about the best way to hang them so that they’re a beautiful feature?

Choose the Right Measurements

Before everything else, make sure your curtain choice is appropriate. Make sure curtains for your home are long enough. Sometimes people choose curtains that don’t get close to the floor. This just gives an unfinished look, and it doesn’t make the wall behind the curtains look good. Curtains should either float slightly above the floor or spill some material onto the floor so they get that pooling, gown look.

Similarly, make sure the window panels themselves are wide enough. Curtains should be decorative and functional. Even if you never close them, they should look functional. When your curtains close, they shouldn’t be pulled completely taut either. They should still have a bit of slack in them.

The Rod Determines the Look

Beyond the curtains, let’s tackle the rod first. Make sure the rod is wide enough. It shouldn’t be just barely wider than the window. This makes curtains look like a temporary hanging, not a feature of your home. The rod should have room beyond the width of the window. This also helps leave some material at the edge to block light coming around the curtain.

Consider rods that wrap around to the wall. This helps draw them across and then back against the wall itself, which blocks in more of that light coming around the side.

You don’t have to show the machinery behind the curtains if you don’t want to. Custom curtain panels can come with options that allow you to hide the rod itself. You can show the rod if it’s a stylistic choice and it serves an aesthetic purpose. Just be aware that you have options.

The Aesthetic of Height

Curtains should be hung high enough to cover window and frame. You’ve probably been in someone’s house where they hang the curtains below the top part of the window frame, or inside the frame altogether. Hang the rod about two-thirds of the way from the top of the frame to the ceiling. You can go lower, but never lower than halfway between. Hanging it within, or even just above the frame does not look good.

Be willing to consult experts if you need help, or have beautiful curtains hung for you. Custom curtain panels can add a significant element of your home’s look. You’ll appreciate them every day, so make sure they bring you as much joy as possible.

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