Using Dining Room Curtains for your Redesign

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Are you remodeling your dining room?  Have you chosen an updated color of paint for your walls and settled on your next table and chair set?  What about overhead lighting?  The next step will be your choice of dining room window coverings.  Get your notepad and pen out because choices are abundant when it comes to choosing window coverings and dining room curtains are a beautiful choice!

Curtains and Curtain Rods

Curtains can be short or long; they can be casual or dressy, modern or traditional, and virtually anything in between.  This wide range of options gives you creative flexibility when planning a dining room redesign.  Colors, fabrics, materials, patterns – it’s a wonderful feeling of excitement when you get to make decisions that will affect your new dining room and you have all these possibilities at your fingertips.  When looking at new curtains for dining room design, don’t overlook the curtain rods.  They are a very important component to the overall window dressing.  Curtain rods can be smooth, patterned, decorative, classy, traditional, or playful – or perhaps a combination of all these.  Be sure your choice is going to fit well with the other elements you choose for your new dining room.  Also ensure that your curtain rod of choice is going to work well with the style of curtains you choose.

Customized Curtains

Deciding on the option of custom dining room curtains for your home can offer you many benefits.  You can create a tailored look that will match your window’s size, as well as the rest of your decorative dining room choices.  Do you want a sheer curtain on the inside as well?  Do you want a lined or an unlined curtain?  How much light do you want to allow into your new dining room?  When customizing, you’re in charge of all the decisions.

Tab Top Curtains

Tab Top curtains can offer a wide appeal from designing casual elegance to creating a free-spirit, free-flowing theme into your dining room redesign.  Tab Top curtains are easy to decorate with, to clean, and they offer great flexibility in designing and shaping a room.  Choosing a curtain rod for this type of curtains is also an essential piece of the overall design or theme you are creating for your new dining room so choose carefully.

You’re redesigning your dining room – have fun!  Now is your chance to try a myriad of possibilities to see which ones are going to fit with your style best.  Call Gallery of Shades today for a free consultation on custom dining room curtains or send us a note online.

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