Customize Your Home Décor Look on a Budget

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Home renovations can be quite expensive.  There are so many options from flooring to paint, and of course the things we seem to like best turn out to be the most expensive!  If you are looking to make a big impact with less cash, then why not try one of these budget friendly tricks for your home decor?

Go Faux.  If you love the look of a certain kind of flooring but cannot afford it, why not fake it?  With a couple of cans of paint, you can create that Chevron design you crave! Or transform an old piece of furniture into a real conversation piece.  With so many DIY projects on the Internet, there is very little you can’t do yourself, so long as you have access to a few supplies!  Chances are, you’ll find you love your own looks even more anyway.

Be Thrifty.  People love to upgrade and renovate their living spaces.  This means there are lots of really great deals to find on everything from flooring to furniture, if you just look!  Lots of antique and second-hand stores carry everything from old drawer pulls to barn wood that can be repurposed into furniture.  Make it an adventure!  In return you will create a look that is truly unique and speaks to your style.

Customize Your Shades.  If you want to change the look of a room entirely, go for the blinds.  Customized your window treatments can change the look of the entire room.  If you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself, work with a pro at Gallery of Shades to determine an innovative window treatment design that fits your budget!  Custom window treatments can block the glare of the sun, insulate your home and still be super stylish.

Whatever the home decor look you wish to achieve, you really can have both design and price point if you do a little research first! Contact Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale today for a free in-home window treatment consultation.

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    Great tips!, thanks for sharing.

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