The Best Way to Hang Curtain Panels

The Best Way to Hang Curtain Panels

It’s crucial to have great window panels in your home. They can block light, they can keep prying eyes out, and they can give a little bit of color to a room that needs it. Face it- curtains are great! But the real downside is that they can be difficult to hang. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with a quick guide to hanging curtains for your home. 

A Few Calculations

Before you even start thinking about hanging your new curtains, you must know how long they are. If your curtains are too long for your windows, they’re going to just pool onto the ground and look messy. If your curtains are too short for your windows, you’re not going to get the full privacy of having windows. 

Additionally, if your curtains aren’t wide enough, you’re going to get a not so nice wake-up call from some sunlight far too early in the day. The best width for your window panels would be about 2 times the width of the window, and their length should hover just above the floor.

Rods as Opposed to Panels

When you have your curtains all measured, you also need to measure your curtain rod. The curtain rod should generally be wider than your window, and if you’re looking to make your space look bigger, they should be up to six inches wider than the window. If your room won’t allow for that extra space then it might be easier to bring in a tighter look, especially when you have several windows close together. 


When hanging your curtain rod, you should mark where you want it on the wall before you actually hang it up. It’s good to keep the rod off of your window frame, and it’s usually placed just slightly above to help display your windows best. When marking this space out, it’s great to grab a friend or a member of your family to help you hold it straight. Snap a couple of pictures to decide on the best spot, and then you can choose where you want your curtains to hang!


When installing your curtains, the curtain rod may have come with an instruction guide- and that’s good! If you’ve got an instruction guide, you’ve got all the help you need to finish off your room and make it look great. If you don’t, the rest is simple- screw the curtain brackets into the wall, thread your curtains onto the rod, and then place the rod on the brackets. 

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