Swags Are Essential to a Completed Window Design

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Designing with swags does not have to complicated or difficult at all.  Swag window treatments are the “dot” on the “i” – some people believe that unless your curtains or drapes have swags, they are just not complete.  Enhancing your curtains or drapes with just the right amount of swag can make all the difference in the world to the appeal added to your room.

Swags for Style

Any window can be covered with curtains or drapes in a wide assortment of colors and materials.  Swags, however, can make-or-break the ultimate look that is desired.  Arguably, swag window treatments can be almost more important than the curtains or drapes they might be meant enhance.  In fact, when designing with swags, many people choose to use “only” the swag on certain windows in a home.


A sheer swag can be the perfect complement to any window looking to let light in, yet still have a light covering to keep the view somewhat shaded.  Using sheer swag material can also trim the cost on window treatments for those windows where the indoor view doesn’t necessarily need to be blocked out completely; they can also help to control glare.

Swag Window Treatments

Whether your choice of window covering is eclectic, modern, contemporary, or traditional, swag window treatments can bring a desirable look and feel to your home’s windows.  Working with swags, your potential for changing things up, from the type of material to the way swags are hung, or draped, across or around, a pole or bar, is virtually only limited by your imagination.

At Gallery of Shades, our desire is to work with you to capture whatever that special look is that you want for your home.  The most important part of our job is to ensure that you get the look and feel from your window treatment that is going to make you happiest.

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