What is the Best Solution for Home Theater Window Treatments?

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Your home theater looks simply stunning. You have the perfect screen, great chairs that are really comfortable, and a selection of films you can’t wait to view. You’ve thought of absolutely everything. When the lights go down, you’re ready. Except – the sun is shining through that window. You forgot to consider window treatments! You want theater level darkness for your home screening station, but what home theater window treatments will help you get there?

Blackout Shades

Darkening a room in the middle of the day can be difficult, but it’s exactly the task blackout shades were designed for. They block almost all of the incoming light, and they come in a variety of colors and styles to meet your needs. They mount inside your windows to help eliminate as much light seepage as possible. If you’re having trouble sleeping in the early morning light, they’ll work there as well.

Custom Drapes

Picture an old movie theater in your head. What do you notice? The custom drapes on the stage, right? Custom drapes, even if paired with a solution like blackout shades, can give you the perfect movie theater feel right inside your media room. You can even select colors that work well with the furniture and flooring you’ve chose for your space to help add to the decor. Curtains for home theater use are yet another way to make the room pop and feel like a masterpiece of design and fun.

Window treatments in a space like a home theater are nothing short of essential. They’ll help block out the light when you want to screen a brand new film in the middle of the day, and we can help you find the perfect option to meet your needs. From home home theater shades to custom drapes, we have an excellent selection. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of home theater window treatments.

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