What Are Balloon Shades?

What Are Balloon Shades?

Elegant, soft touches. Sound like what you hope to achieve with your window coverings? Balloon shades can help you achieve the perfect, soft effect you’re looking for, no matter what the space might be in your home. 

What Are Balloon Shades?

If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of balloon window shades, you’re not alone. This is a style that isn’t as commonly used today in homes, but once you understand a bit more about where it might fit in your home, you’re sure to fall in love. Balloon curtains or shades are a fabric window covering that hangs from several tiers, each stacked on each other, creating a layered scalloped look. Two or more points across the tiers are held a bit higher than the others to add to the puffy look the shades create. Like a Roman shade, they can be tied up or pulled up using adjustable clips to control the amount of light and privacy you have within the room. 

Where Can You Use Balloon Shades?

Balloon shades can be used throughout the house, but remember that they’re designed to add to the décor. While most spaces in your house probably use a sleek, tailored style across the room, a balloon shade tends to be far more traditional in style, and it may require occasional fluffing and straightening. Balloon shades look great in breakfast nooks, dining rooms, and formal living areas. 

What to Consider When It Comes to Balloon Shades

If you think balloon shades might be right in your home, you’ll want to think carefully about choosing the right fabric to meet your needs. Soft fabrics tend to fit the bill here. You’ll want to go with something like cotton, linen, or even silk. Heavier fabrics don’t offer the same amount of fluff-ability lighter fabrics do. Choose either a pattern or a solid fabric for this type of window treatment, as both will help add to the space. 

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