Create a Perfect Look with Floating Pirouette Shades

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In ballet, a pirouette is a lovely and fluid move that exudes grace, balance, and beauty. In home decor, a pirouette shade also represents balance and beauty by incorporating sheer material and functional slats to create a stunning shade for your home or office. The vanes of these blinds appear to be floating as they keep the sun’s damaging rays from glaring through your windows. Pirouette shades are versatile and capable of adding sophistication to any space they are used in.

Versatility for any Window

Pirouette’s come in two size vanes making them a great fit for any size opening. Their cord is hidden making them safe and attractive no matter what room you put them in including those often visited by children and pets. Choose from a large variety of fabrics and colors to coordinate with the decor and design of your rooms and windows. Pirouettes are even great for hard to fit or extra large windows that may be difficult to dress with traditional blinds or shades.

Functionality at Its Best

Is the Scottsdale area the sun can be damaging and hard to block without the right light blocking window treatments. Pirouette shades provide outstanding UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays keeping your upholstery and carpets safe from fading. The fabric that pirouettes are made with can be darker sheers that help to filter out even more damaging rays while still allowing natural light shine in. When closed these shades block out all light creating a private atmosphere.

To see the look of custom pirouette window treatments contact a designer at Gallery of Shades. Our design consultants can help create the perfect look with stylish pirouettes for any window in your home or office. Call today to schedule your consultation.

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