Custom Floating Shades: Function Meets Beauty

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Imagine an intuitive window covering that looks as if it just belongs in your window. Floating shades that meet your light control and privacy needs. Sound too good to be true? Custom floating shades are here thanks to Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window Shades, a tailor-made option that will fit your windows perfectly.  

What Are They?

These floating shades are unlike any other choice on the market. You have horizontal vanes made of soft fabric like you might in fabric blinds. They’re backed, though, with a sheer material that helps to protect your privacy and control the light coming into the room. They come in a number of different color choices, ensuring you can select the right choice for any room in your home.

The Benefits

There are many reasons to consider Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window Shades. It begins with their versatility. You can decide how much light you want in a room. Choose from four or five-inch vanes, as well as semi-opaque or room-darkening fabric choices.

The UV protection is the other real benefit to this window covering option. It blocks up to 81% of the UV rays coming into your home during the day, even when they’re open, and that can help protect your flooring and your furniture.

One final benefit is the lack of bulk when they’re fully rolled up. With many window coverings, raising the shade of blinds means quite a bit of bulk at the top. With Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window Shades, though, the shades roll up into the headrail, so there’s no bulk at the top.

Interested in deciding whether this is the right choice for your home? Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with one of our window covering experts. We’ll help you decide whether this window covering is what you want or if another option is right for you!

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