What are Pirouette Window Coverings?

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What are Pirouette window coverings and how can they enhance your home? Pirouette shades are window coverings that are both stylish and functional. Made of wood covered fabric, these window treatments look like Roman Shades when closed, but have sheer panels when opened. This design allows them to look great no matter their position. The sheer vanes allow enough light in to brighten your room while still shading your home from the damaging rays of the sun and helping to keep your room cool.


Pirouette treatments are very versatile and come in a variety of sizes, colors and fabrics. The vanes can be partially opaque or room darkening and come in either 4” of 5” widths. The range of colors is nearly endless making these shades ideal for every room in your home or business. For custom pirouette window coverings in Scottsdale, go to Gallery of Shades. There, you can design the window treatments that best fit your rooms and decor.


Pirouette window coverings are so versatile that they can be used on many styles of windows and doors. Their horizontal orientation allows them to look good when open or shut. The closed version provides the look of a classic Roman shade and offers superior sun protection and sound absorption. These shades can operate either manually or motorized making them ideal for hard to reach windows.

Why Pirouette window coverings?

Between style, function and versatility there are many reasons to choose Pirouette shades. These window coverings provide a fresh and contemporary accent to your windows. The fabric softens the look versus plantation shutters, yet provides a similar level of coverage. Since these shades look great open or closed, the style of the room can change depending on their position. Given the fabric choices, they are equally suitable for a child’s bedroom or a living room. The motorized functionality makes them easy to open and close, especially when there are multiple shades installed. Since pirouette shades are customizable, they can be made to fit a variety of windows.

Pirouette window shades are the perfect accent to any modern home. They have a little bit of everything- style, form and function.

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