Are Pirouette Window Shades Right For Your Home?

Are Pirouette Window Shades Right For Your Home?

Sheer window coverings mean lots of possibilities for a room, but they also mean reduced privacy and light control, two key factors when you’re shopping for the best window treatments. What do you do when you want the beauty of a sheer but the privacy and light control of other, more traditional window coverings? While not every company has the right answer, Hunter Douglas certainly does. Their custom Pirouette shades are the single best option on the market today. 

What are Pirouette Shades?

Pirouette is a beautiful window covering made only by Hunter Douglas that combines horizontal fabric vanes with sheer backing. With a simple pull of the wand or press of your remote control, you can close the shade, offering any space diffused light and privacy or a clear view of the outside world. How much light you let into space is completely up to you, and it can all be integrated into your smart home. 

Choices That Match Any Space

The crowning glory of this window treatment, though, is that it comes in a number of colors and textures that could reflect any space. Whether you’re looking for beautiful linen that offers some filtered light to satin which means a perfect sheen in any window space, you’ll find it with Pirouette. Colors abound with this choice too. If you need something more neutral, there are a number of different options. If you’re hoping to match the darker colors of a home office, that’s an option as well. There are even brighter colors like pomegranate for spaces that need added color. 

In a world where homes are smarter than ever, the need for smart window coverings is becoming an increasing must. Pirouette is only available from Hunter Douglas, and at Gallery of Shades, we carry a full line of Pirouette to help meet the needs of your home. To learn more about this amazing option, please reach out to us today

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