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Stylish Window Treatments

When is the Right Time to Buy New Window Treatments?

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How long have you actually had your window shades? Are they like an old mattress and you’ve reached a point where you really need to replace them?  Actually, yeah, there are several signs that you need to replace your shades with new window treatments. Take a look at a few now. Physical Damage: Lots of [...]

Custom Roman Shades Add Beauty to Your Interior’s Design

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Roman shades come with many advantages.  They’re stylish window treatments that fit the window tightly. They’re flexible in terms of the number of colors and designs that work well, making them some of the best window treatments for a wide variety of situations and window placements. Custom Roman shades for the home are simple and practical, [...]

Replace Worn out Window Coverings with Custom Window Shades

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Do you have frayed edges on your cellular shades, solar shades, roman shades, or roller shades?  If you do, that could mean it’s time for an update.  It could also mean that your shades might be too wide for your window.  Are you seeing signs of yellowing on your window shades?  That, too, means it’s [...]

The Benefits of Custom Wood Blinds

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Choices for window treatments can seem infinite and difficult to choose from if you are in the midst of a remodel or redecorating your home or office. Besides just choosing what type of treatment from blinds to shades or drapes there are also choices to make about material and textures for each window treatment. For [...]