When is the Right Time to Buy New Window Treatments?

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How long have you actually had your window shades? Are they like an old mattress and you’ve reached a point where you really need to replace them?  Actually, yeah, there are several signs that you need to replace your shades with new window treatments. Take a look at a few now.

  1. Physical Damage: Lots of things can happen to shades over the course of time. If they’ve been physically damaged, it might be time to replace them with a new option. Whether it’s a rip in the shade itself or some other type of damage, they’re not going to help make your windows look amazing until you replace them.
  2. Difficult to Raise: Having trouble getting your shades to go all the way up? They won’t stay down any longer? If your window shades have become difficult to raise or lower, replacing them with something newer is an absolute must. The mechanism could be damaged, and it could even fall out of your window, damaging the window itself, your furniture, or even your flooring.
  3. Discoloration: The Scottsdale sun can do a number on window shades if they’ve been there for a few years. Often the UV rays will begin to discolor shades, leaving you with something that doesn’t look quite like it did when you bought it. New window shades, though can fix this problem quickly!
  4. They No Longer Match Your Décor: Part of any home should be stylish window treatments, and if you feel your window shades no longer fit with the style of your home, it’s absolutely time to replace them with something that does! It will make your whole room look better.

Is it time to get rid of your old window shades? At Gallery of Shades, we can help you find new custom window shades specifically designed for your home. Give us a call today to learn more about our custom window treatments in Scottsdale and our free in-home design consultation!

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