Custom Roman Shades Add Beauty to Your Interior’s Design

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Roman shades come with many advantages.  They’re stylish window treatments that fit the window tightly. They’re flexible in terms of the number of colors and designs that work well, making them some of the best window treatments for a wide variety of situations and window placements. Custom Roman shades for the home are simple and practical, and elegant and refined all at the same time.

Refined Aesthetic

Roman shades can be raised and lowered easily with a pull cord. They’ve been around for a long time without going out of style. They’re some of the most essential window coverings, fitting in both futuristic and traditional looks with ease.

The most stylish window treatments might be custom Roman shades cut into a teardrop style or those with a looped appearance. These can create a soft rhythm of light that adds to the texture and attractiveness of a room without being distracting. Roman shades look modern without necessarily being pronounced. They do not interrupt the flow of the room; they add to it.

Less Intrusive Look…

This is what makes Roman shades some of the best window treatments. They don’t announce themselves unless you want them to. They’re very soft, both in feel and in the quality of light they allow through. You can vary this depending on the opacity of the shade you choose. Roman shades don’t section light the way blinds do, and they aren’t as tough to maintain in good quality. They’re more functional.

…or Bolder Vision?

Because they are so clean and practical, you can also make bolder statements when you buy Roman shades. Choices that complement the look of the rest of the room work just like other window treatments. Yet Roman shades can also go a step further than many when you make wise choices in bolder or deeper colors. This can help set the aesthetics of a room and give a hue to the the light that comes in. This is one of the greatest advantages of Roman shades for the home – they allow broader choices of color and look better than window treatments that are less regular in shape.

When you buy Roman shades, look at Vignette options if you have very tall windows. Vignette Roman shades from Hunter Douglas avoid the stack of material that occurs when drawing the shades all the way up on windows that are substantial in height.

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