Replace Worn out Window Coverings with Custom Window Shades

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Do you have frayed edges on your cellular shades, solar shades, roman shades, or roller shades?  If you do, that could mean it’s time for an update.  It could also mean that your shades might be too wide for your window.  Are you seeing signs of yellowing on your window shades?  That, too, means it’s time to update those worn-out shades. With so many choices in design and fabric let’s start by offering brief descriptions of the different types of custom window shades.


If you have just upgraded your home with new windows, it is definitely time to get new shades.  New goes with new; there’s no sense putting old worn-out shades back up to cover new windows when you can choose stylish window treatments that will help give your home a new and refreshing look all over.  Besides that, chances are good that if you have upgraded your windows, the new ones will be more energy efficient and your old worn-out shades won’t even fit anymore.  All the more reason to look into custom window treatments.


There are many types of custom window treatments, including custom window shades.  A wealth of colors and styles are available to suit nearly any theme or décor scheme.  With so many options to choose from, it can be very helpful to make an appointment with Gallery of Shades in Scottsdale because they bring sample fabrics and materials right to your home.  You can see how they would fit and look right in your home.

Cellular shades.  The cell size of cellular shades can vary but they are often used to insulate windows, filter light, and save energy costs.  The shaped cells hold the trapped air in place, providing a barrier between the surface of the window and the room.

Solar shades.  This shade has ultraviolet (UV) protection, which is an especially good fit for the hot sun of Arizona.  It can also help protect your furnishings from sun damage coming through your windows.  They are made of sturdy and easy to clean fabrics.

Want to update your worn-out shades?  Let Gallery of Shades help.  Call us for an appointment today.

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