Window Covering Cleaning Tips You Need Before the Holidays!

Window Covering Cleaning Tips You Need Before the Holidays! Gallery of Shades

It may be the last thing you think about cleaning, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Understanding how to clean window blinds, shades, and shutters means a chance to completely deep clean your house, but they’re not all cleaned in the same manner. Understanding how to clean each type can help you protect your treatments and make your entire home look great once again. 

Cleaning Shades

With many different types of shades, the cleaning can vary a bit from type to type. If you have typically vinyl roller shades, you’ll just want to dip a cloth or sponge in mild dish soap and water, then wipe it down in sections. Other types of shades, like sheer shades, Roman shades, cellular shades, and panel track shades can be treated with the vacuum’s dust brush tool. 

Cleaning Blinds

Cleaning blinds depends on exactly what type of blinds you have in your home. If you have wood blinds, you’ll want to treat them like a wood furniture in your house. Dust regularly with a soft, clean cloth. To effectively reach all of the spaces, lower the blinds completely, then tilt the slats closed. Begin dusting. Once you’re done with that side, tilt the slats the other way and dust again. If necessary, you can use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the slats down. 

If you have aluminum or vinyl blinds, you can be a little less cautious. Use a damp microfiber you can wipe the slats clean while they’re closed using a side to side or top to bottom stroke. Switch the direction of the vanes, and do it again. If you need to, you can spray a bit of warm, soapy water on the vanes to help clean them. 

Cleaning Shutters

Understanding how to clean shutters is a bit different than understanding how to clean other window treatments. Initially, you’ll want to dust them on a regular basis. Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Work from the middle to the edges. You can make this process a bit quicker by closing the slats as you clean. 

For deeper cleaning, use the vacuum cleaner’s dust attachment. Be sure, though, that you don’t overlook the nooks themselves. If you’re having trouble getting dust out of the corners, a soft toothbrush can help. Just be sure not to rub too hard if there are any smudges. Just use light pressure or you could damage your shutters. Remember, if your shutters are wood, you’ll want to avoid any moisture, as it can shrink your wood unevenly. 

After cleaning, if you realize it’s time for something new in your home, contact us at Gallery of Shades! With a great selection of the best window covering options on the market today, we can help you find the perfect window treatment for every room in your house. 

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