A Master Bedroom Sanctuary Begins With the Right Window Treatments

Master Bedroom Sanctuary Window Treatments Gallery of Shades Scottsdale

If you’re like many people, you want your bedroom to be a sanctuary – a space where you can wind-down, relax, and enjoy your life. It sounds like a pretty simple concept, but the reality for many is far different. Bedrooms tend to be spaces where clothes, extra furniture, and books get dumped. Knick-knacks end up stacked everywhere, and it’s far too busy a place to really relax. How exactly can you go from a space like that to one that is truly a sanctuary away from the chaos day-to-day life often creates? It actually starts with your window treatments. 

Why The Right Window Treatment Matters

Your windows allow plenty of natural light into your space, and at times, that can be a real help, but in your bedroom sanctuary, you may need something different at times. From diffused, gentle light to privacy to complete blackout options for sleeping during the day, you want to be able to control the light that comes into your space, and the right window coverings can help you do just that. 

So, what bedroom window treatments are ideal in a space like this one? Think first about the way your windows face. North facing windows generally don’t get the sunlight other windows to do, so you may not need blackout bedroom curtains in that scenario. Once you’ve factored in light control, you may want to think about both the privacy level and the view you want from your sanctuary. 

Bedroom shades offer varying levels of privacy, so if you have nearby neighbors, you’ll want something that offers you complete privacy. If the view from your room is gorgeous, you’ll want to play that up with your bedroom window covering choice. Finally, think about the aesthetics of your choice. Whatever you get should be a reflection of both the style and mood of your bedroom sanctuary. 

Isn’t It More Than Windows?

Make no mistake, building the perfect bedroom sanctuary is about far more than windows. That’s just a good starting place. You’ll also want to factor in a number of other things. Here are a few you’ll want to consider. 

  • Think calming colors: Paint color can actually change the entire mood of a room, so if you want to build the perfect sanctuary, think about the colors that relax you. Lighter colors tend to expand the space, while darker colors tend to create a cozy, defined space. Understanding the mood you’re trying to create will help define your color scheme. 
  • Add Texture: Your bedroom is a great place to incorporate a number of different texture options. Grass weave shades, for example, can help create some warmth and add a new texture to help your bedroom have a richer, deeper feel than you initially imagined. 
  • Stay Simple: The more stuff you have in the bedroom, the more crowded it’s likely to feel. Try to pare down to the absolute essentials in this space if you really want a cozy, comfortable feel. 

At the Gallery of Shades, we can help you address master bedroom window treatments to ensure you take the first step to create a bedroom sanctuary that is the peaceful retreat you’ve always wanted. 

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