Keep Shutters Clean with These Shutter Maintenance Tips

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Few window coverings make quite the statement that plantation shutters do. That doesn’t mean keeping shutters clean, though, is an easy task. Whether you’re looking for day to day maintenance help or you want to know how to deep clean before holiday guests, these tips can help.

  1. Schedule it each week. The slats need regular attention to keep them as clean as possible. Plan to dust them on a weekly basis. Use a clean, dry cloth, or even a sock, then work from the middle of the slats to the outside and from top to bottom to keep them looking their best. While a microfiber cloth tends to work best, you can use whatever you have on hand.
  2. For the occasional deep clean, you may need a bit more power, and a paintbrush, some oil soap, and some water can give it to you. Dip your paintbrush in the soapy water, then “paint” across your blinds. When you get done, run a dry cloth to remove any excess cleaner you find. As you work, clean your brush regularly, as if you don’t, you could actually spread added dirt around. If you have faux wood shutters, you don’t even need the oil soap. Some standard dish soap will do.
  3. The nooks can be easier to hit with a soft toothbrush. As you do a deeper cleaning of your shutters, just get a soft toothbrush from the store, then use it to eliminate dust from the corners of your shutters. It will be gentle enough not to scratch your shutters, but tough enough to get rid of the dust buildup.

Shutters are a nice touch for any home but keeping shutters clean intimidates many people. Luckily, with these quick, easy shutter cleaning tips, it’s a task you can handle quickly and efficiently.

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