Why Should You Choose Grass Weave Shades?

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When you’re looking for your new blinds, it’s important to choose the ones that go best with your room. Grass weave shades are a great choice for many different reasons,  but maybe one of the most important is that they’ll look great wherever you put them in your home! 

Defining A Look

Natural wood shades are oftentimes seen in island-themed environments, but in recent years, they’ve been growing in popularity all throughout the world. They can also be called matchstick shades or natural shades, and they’re great to insert under curtains or even just as a standalone piece on your windows. These stylish woven shades can be made of bamboo, jute, rattan, or even natural grasses to create a great look in your home!

The Natural Choice

While they do look great in your home, grass weave shades are also very eco-friendly. Since they’re made of natural materials like bamboo and grasses, they’re sustainable and help our environment. Plastic shades can cause harmful chemicals to go into the air and water supply when they’re made, which can damage our environment and hasten global warming. If you opt for a grass weave shade, too, it guarantees that fewer trees will be cut down to form blinds. Grasses are a great and fast-growing resource to use in your home’s decor.

Let There Be Light

If you’re looking for natural sunlight in your home without the advantage that the neighbors can see your every move, natural grass weave shades are a great choice. Depending on the weave and thickness, they can let in a lot of light into your home, while still protecting your privacy. The thinner the weave, the more light it can let in- while still closing your neighbors out.

Lots of Options!

The best thing about these stylish woven shades? The options! All of the materials come in a variety of colors because they’re all-natural. These bamboo and grass weave shades can come in a variety of browns, tans, and grays, as well as any size and shape! Even if your windows are very wide, very tall, or even arched, you’re sure to find a shade style that fits your needs.

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