Selecting the Right Custom Blinds Makes a Difference

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So you’ve finally decided to gift your windows with a new treatment.  How exciting!  But then doubt sets in.  How will you pick the right kind of custom blinds for your taste and your needs?  Isn’t it too expensive to do custom blinds?  What if you make a mistake?  If you’re ready to get started and don’t know where to begin, read on for some tips on picking the right blinds for your individual treatments.

Think about how thick the slats need to be.  Believe it or not, this can really help you narrow down your choices!  Look at the styles of window treatments in décor magazines and note what attracts you.  If you like an old-world style, those larger slats (2 inches) are probably going to be more attractive to you.  Are you trying to create a more commercial look with vertical blinds or a cozier feel with Roman shades?

Consider your budget.  While you might love a certain style, a more common compromise (say, one-inch slats instead of 2-inch slats) may fit into your budget better. Do you need to stick with neutrals so that you get the most out of your choice?  Don’t be afraid to check into some of the better faux choices, particularly when it comes to wooden blinds, which look so glamorous but can be pricey.  Get that organic feel without the big price tag with a fabulous fake!

Consider the use of your room.  Think about how you actually live in the room you’re designing.  Where are the reading areas?  Are there sliding glass doors?  Where does the afternoon and morning sun come in?  Remember, the room probably isn’t going to stay the same color it is now for the rest of your life, so think about matching your treatments to a color scheme that works well with a variety of colors – unless, of course, you’re going for a powerful “pop” of color that makes a statement!  Be very intentional in your choices.

It seems as though there are so many choices that we can hardly pick anything!  Don’t let the many beautiful options for window treatments frighten you away from picking the perfect design for your home.

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