Consider This Before You Buy Blackout Curtains for Your Home

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What do you want to consider when you buy blackout curtains? It’s frustrating to get home and realize they don’t fit well enough, or they let light in from their edges. You don’t want them too bunched up, but you also don’t want to find your curtains coming up short. The best blackout curtains are a perfect fit that help you protect and even insulate your home.

Curtains or Drapes?

Drapes can contain blackout features, but they’re typically not as effective as blackout curtains. These curtains have their blackout features built in. The fabric is thick yet can still be lighter than drapes, which need multiple layers to hang as tightly and block out as much as curtains. This makes curtains a far more ideal choice as a blackout option

Light & Heat

Blackout curtains serve a number of needs. They protect your floor and furniture from sunlight damage, preserving their look and value. They can protect you from UV rays if you’re sitting near the window or door. They can darken an area very completely so that you can watch a movie or take a nap undisturbed. This greatly increases the quality of your sleep by blocking any light coming in.

The blackout shades and curtains will also help to insulate, which means they can keep cool air in, rather than allowing a hot window to sap it away.

Range of Colors

When you buy blackout curtains, you won’t be able to find light or pastel varieties. They need to be dark in order to block out light effectively. That said, the full range of darker colors are available, and can complement just about any room well. Besides, dark reds and blues are always in.

Easy Installation

Installation is free from hassle. Wraparound rods help draw the curtains all the way around to reduce light coming in from the sides. The curtains will be slightly larger than the window frame in order to cut off reflected light from getting in.

The best blackout curtains are available at Gallery of Shades. A wide variety enable you to add to the aesthetic of any space. Give us a call today to schedule your free in-home design consultation.

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