Current Window Treatment Trends

Time to rethink your window treatments a bit? Why not get trendy this year? With lots of great options available, you’ll find an innovative choice that’s right for your home. Keep reading to learn more about the latest in window treatment trends.

Roman Shades

The use of Roman shades has never really gone out of style because of their simple lines and softness that works well in creating a relaxed and comfortable environment. Recently, though, Roman shades have become much more fashionable, and they’re easily one of the top trends you’ll find this year

Natural Organic Materials

The use of natural organic materials like bamboo, rattan and matchstick has also come into favor when it comes to window treatments. They work quite nicely as a window treatment since they offer the ideal combination of privacy and diffused light. They also provide clean lines and a level of simplicity many others just don’t.

Luxurious Fabrics

The use of luxurious fabrics such as silks, suede, velvets, damasks and leather are also trending right now. There are a number of reasons these choices have come into favor. Tactile appeal is one of the biggest, but they also drape well and add a nice touch of glamour to any room. This trend also often includes the use of beaded tassels and other lavish hardware and trimmings on window treatments.

Sleek Lines

The use of simple sleek lines is a major trend in window treatments. Bulky window treatments are no longer in fashion. People now want sleek patterns that can bring a contemporary feel to any room. A good choice for this trend is the use of skyline panel tracks that you can find with us.

Solar Shades

The use of solar shades is also a nice trend when it comes to window treatments. They provide protection from the sun and can blend with most furnishings without any problems. They are also wonderful in reducing the glare in a room.

Bold Prints

Bold prints can be overwhelming if they’re not used properly, but they can do so much for any space. They can unify a room, create the ideal design, and more. Shop wisely, though!

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