Coordinating Window Coverings with Flooring

Coordinating Window Coverings with Flooring

The look you create in your home often means ensuring each part works well together. Often that means taking simple steps like coordinating window coverings with everything else in the room, even your flooring. After all, when you have clashing elements, it may make your home seem a bit disjointed. How do you ensure your window coverings coordinate with everything, even the floor? These tips can help. 

  • Think About Colors: You don’t want your window treatment to match your flooring. That would create an overwhelming feeling in the room that would make almost anyone uncomfortable. Instead, you want to use a mix of warm and cool colors as well as colors and shades in the same family to create some balance. For example, if you have a light hardwood floor, you may want to go with cool, bright colors to play with that feel a bit.  
  • Match the Design Feel: If you’re going for a bold daring look, so you have bold patterned tile on the floor, you’ll want your window treatment choice to match that carefully. If, instead, you have soft, neutral carpeting in space, the window treatment should be similarly soft like roman shades with a cozy valance. 
  • Use a Single Statement Piece: While you should certainly match the feel of a given space, almost every room needs one big statement. Your flooring or your window treatments could be that statement. If you have fairly neutral flooring choices, you may want to go with bright, eye-catching window treatments. If, on the other hand, you’ve made a bold flooring choice, it may be better to go with something a bit quieter for your window treatments. 

Not sure where to begin? We can help. We offer in-home design consultations as well as a variety of coordinating window coverings to meet your needs. From layered window coverings, you’ll love to single-window treatments that will look great in any room, we can handle custom options and more. 

The best window coverings to coordinate your floor and window treatments are a phone call away when you reach out to us at Gallery of Shades today! Schedule your free in-home design consultation today.

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