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The man cave – the center of masculinity in your home. In more and more homes, the man cave is moving out of the unfinished basement or dark, dank garage and into a fantastic room and the house. That doesn’t mean it needs to look unfinished, though. The right man cave window treatments can help enhance the man cave vibe and still provide the privacy and light control you want most. What are your options? 

Blackout Shades and Blinds: A lot happens in the man cave, and if you want to be able to clear your streaming list, play your favorite new game or catch that game the way it should be seen even during the day, blackout shades are an absolute must. Man cave window blinds are the perfect way to give you the utter privacy and light control you need in a space as sacred as the man cave. Like most theater room window treatments, they can wholly block the light from ever entering the room, so you can watch the next episode in complete movie-theater darkness. Video game window blinds like these will put an end to the light leakage many other options just can’t stop.

Custom Draperies: Custom draperies are also an excellent option, and not only will they be designed specifically for your windows, but you’ll also have complete control over the fabrics involved. Whether you choose to go with a heavy, masculine choice like herringbone or you select something a bit lighter like a fabric that incorporates your favorite team colors, custom draperies can be the ideal way to complete the look of the room. 

Plantation Shutters: Few window treatment options add value to a home the way plantation shutters do, and they’re actually the ideal window covering for your man cave. You get complete light control and energy efficiency in one package, and thanks to today’s wood-alternative options, you get to select colors, textures, and more. 

Not sure what might look great in your man cave? Give us a call today. We offer free in-home consultations and an extensive showroom full of Scottsdale window coverings for every room in your house, even the man cave. 

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