Layering Window Treatments for the Right Look

Layering Window Treatments for the Right Look

Window treatments are absolutely a necessity, but they can also provide the beautiful finishes you’re looking for in your home. They can create an accent piece or finish the cozy look you were hoping for. Often people choose a single-window treatment for a room, but something very special happens when you decide layering window treatments is the right way to go. You get depth and dimension in a space you simply can’t achieve with a single-window treatment, and you also get better light and privacy control. 

Wondering if layered window coverings might be the right option for you? Use these questions to help guide you forward. 

  1. How Do Your Window Treatments Function In That Space? Think about the window you want to use. Do you need blackout options to help you sleep? Do you need natural light during the day but better privacy at night? Understanding your must-haves is key to deciding which window treatments you want to combine. 
  2. How Is the Rest of the Room Decorated? If you already have a bright accent wall or a loud piece of furniture, you probably don’t want your drapes to be the single most important thing in the room. If you don’t yet have something that stands out, you may need to go bold with one of the two layers. 
  3. What is Your Budget? The layered look is amazing, and it doesn’t have to be expensive, but the price is certainly something you’ll want to consider. If your budget is fairly large, you could go with two different custom living room window coverings. If, on the other hand, things are a bit tight for this unique feature, you could forego the custom window treatments and look at less expensive layered window coverings. 
  4. Do You Need to Replace Your Hardware? Not everyone considers the hardware necessary to hang window coverings, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. New hardware may be exactly what you need to complete the look, and in some cases, it may be an absolute must. You want to hang everything perfectly so the two options look great together, and that’s only going to happen with the right hardware. 
  5. What Colors and Textures Match Your Space? The final question will help you actually choose the layers in that space. Think about everything you’re already using – fabrics, colors, patterns, and even the wood tones in the room – so you can get the coordinated look you want. 

Layered window coverings look great in almost any room, but don’t let the process of choosing what’s right for you be an overwhelming one! We can help. We offer in-home design consultations to help you get started. 

To learn more about how layered window coverings can work in your home, contact Gallery of Shades today to schedule your free in-home design consultation.

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