Smart Shades and Blinds Update Your Home with Style and Technology

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You may have heard quite a bit about smart homes recently without really understanding what they are. The idea of a smart home means that you’ve connected a number of different devices to help automate everyday tasks.  Things like coffee makers, thermostats, and even your lighting can be connected to a centralized hub that you can control from any internet-connected device. Smart homes don’t just stop at appliances and lighting, though. Smart blinds and smart shades can all be connected, too, giving you control of your window coverings no matter where you might be.

Motorized Window Treatments Give You So Much More Control

Wondering why you might want motorized window blinds or motorized window shades? It’s complete home control at your fingertips from anywhere in the world. Imagine a lazy Sunday morning where you’re in bed. You’d like a little of that gorgeous morning sun to come in and some light music to play. You can play the light music from the smart home app on your phone, but without smart blinds or shades, you won’t be able to let that sunshine in. If you have smart window coverings, though, that lazy Sunday morning just got a whole lot better.

Enjoying the morning sun, though, isn’t the only reason you might want more control over your window coverings. Imagine you have to travel on business, but you want to make certain your house plants get the light they need. When the morning sun hits, you can automatically raise your smart shades from thousands of miles away, then close them as evening sets in.

Smart homes are a lot smarter with the right motorized window treatments, and we can help you find the right choice to best meet your needs (and those of your windows).

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